Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are the part of the sanitary sewer system that prevent heavy grease from entering and clogging the municipal collection system. The tanks are typically located in the floor near the slop sink or outside in the ground. These tanks require regular maintenance to function properly in order to prevent back ups and fines.

Premier Pumping Service is professionally trained to service and clean any size Interceptor Traps (outdoor grease traps) and Sink Grease Traps (indoor grease traps). Our trained workers will locate your tank and perform the necessary service to ensure the integrity of the system. The process begins with the complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease-laden water.

Our 10 Point Service Check is performed at every service and ensures thorough evaluation of the operating conditions of the system. Our unique documentation tracking system guarantees your service detail is fully documented via digital imaging and available for review at your request. In addition, we offer an auto schedule service which occurs on a regular frequency to help keep grease problems under control – so you can take care of business.

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Minor Repairs

One of the most common repair issues involves the baffles within a grease trap. A grease trap contains two baffles which are responsible for directing the flow of liquids and solids to ensure the system functions properly. A damaged or missing baffle in a grease trap will cause the system to operate poorly allowing large amounts of grease and solids to enter the sanitary sewer system, causing blockages and leading to possible municipal fines.

During regular service,Premier Pumping Service will check the baffles in accordance with our 10 Point Service Check. Should you require a baffle repair, our technicians are fully trained and qualified to perform this service to help you ensure the proper functionality of your grease collection system. We are also equipped to perform other minor repairs such as replacement gaskets, minor leak stoppages, etc.

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