Title V Inspections

Title V Inspections

Septic System Inspection is required by homeowners when selling a home in Massachusetts – this is called a Title V Inspection. It is the duty of the homeowner to have this inspection completed and paid for. Pumping during inspection is very important so that the inspector can get a full view of the whole tank and make sure it is all in proper working condition. Premier Pumping Service will assist in the pumping of your tank but also retrieve the “As Built” plans located in the Board of Health (BOH) office for both the homeowner and Premier Pumping Service records. In Massachusetts inspectors must be certified by the state to do inspections.


In Massachusetts, real estate closings have been delayed or terminated because of inspection findings. Premier Pumping Service is very aware of this issue on real estate transactions. Educating all parties involved in how septic works, and how the inspection reports impact on the sale can turn any real estate transaction into a positive outcome.

Routine inspections and maintenance, along with proper operating habits, significantly increases the potential that a system will function well for many years.

Why Should You Have Your Septic System Inspected?

Protect your investment in your home and property

Make sure it is functioning properly

Fulfill legal or lending institution requirements for property transfers. Some local regulations and lending institutions require that systems be inspected prior to property transfers, just like termite and structural inspections

Protect the health of your family and neighbors

Extend the life of the system

Protect wells and other local drinking water sources from contamination

Protect life in local rivers, lakes, and coastal waters and prevent the need for costly rehabilitation efforts

Comply with environmental and health regulations

Homeowners can be held liable for problems and nuisances associated with failing systems

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